Why Cleanse With Wild Rose?

1. Formulated by Dr. Terry Willard PhD, ClH who has over 40+ years of expertise in helping people detox

2. Support the body’s innate desire to detoxify

3. Comprehensive food guidelines are provided, and all participants receive the D-TOX Recipe E-Book

4. The only detox program that provides full online support through a private group. Search https://www.facebook.com/groups/wildrosedetox/

Which Detox is Right for You?

The three Wild Rose D-TOX kits have many similarities, but also have distinct uses. The classic kit, Herbal D-TOX, is designed as both a full body and general cleanse. The new Gentle D-TOX is the same as the classic D-TOX except that it contains Gentle Laxaherb – a milder formulation than the original Laxaherb formula. As one can imagine, the Liver D-TOX is more specific for the liver. The Herbal D-TOX and Gentle D-TOX are designed to cleanse the whole body and specifically the gastrointestinal tract before starting to work on the liver. Typically, even if the person wants to work on the liver, the Herbal D-TOX or Gentle D-TOX is used for twelve days before starting the Liver D-TOX. But as is usually the case, there are many exceptions to this rule. If a person finds the Herbal D-TOX too laxative, due to the Laxaherb, we have them use the Gentle D-TOX or Liver D-TOX. The Liver D-TOX would be used if the person has a history of Crohn’s, Colitis or IBS. If a person has a history of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), reflux or ‘heart burn’ or feeling bloated, it is better to use the Herbal D-TOX or Gentle D-TOX. Issues like Candida or other internal imbalances in the digestive tract also benefit more from the Herbal D-TOX or Gentle D-TOX, along with some good probiotics.

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